TIVDIO V-116 Portable Shortwave Radio with AM FM Transistor Support Micro-SD Card AUX Input MP3 Player Speaker Alarm Clock Sleep Timer(Black and Orange)


Ideal for travel; 4.7 x 2.5 x 0.8 inches Pocket small radios easily fits in a shirt pocket; The perfect combination of chips and lines design maximizes the reception ability; DSP radio chip is an outstanding idea
Built-in green LCD back light for easy operation in dark; the digital readout shows the frequency you are on; Rechargeable 850mA lithium battery included
International 24-hour alarm clock; alarm will wake you with a radio station memory card music or a buzzer
Accepted MAX 32Gb flash card; support All One Folder Random 4 repeat mode;the screen shows the song title and the album
Sleep timer; choice of 9k/10k tuning increment for AM; Built-in 5-mode EQ; E-book; calendar of sorts support set the year month day day of the week & time it use in 24 hour format


Long time study and tests, we found that good reception not only due to the chip quality or the length of the antenna, but the perfect combination of the V-116 chip and lines, making the chip to maximize the advantages get better signal,antenna is Attached

UV surface support comfortable
UV protection products on the surface, its high hardness, corrosion-resistant friction, not prone to scratches, etc., then realize the concept of environmental protection
Speaker of the PC/laptop
Connecting the provided USB (PC-Radio) cable, which is also used for charging, the radio automatically turns into a speaker of a PC or laptop
Mp3 player speaker with Shuffle/random
The TF card(not included) slot accepted MAX 32Gb flash card, can play the MP3/WAV/WMA formats music.Shows the songs lyrics. Support All / One / Folder / Random 4 mode
Portable radio with sleep timer
portable shortwave receiver shuts off automatically after specified times (00-05…85-90 min)
SW radio with lithium battery
850mA rechargeable lithium battery comes with a USB cord to charge from computer or wall. Battery life is 8-10 hours with continuous use at normal volume

Works only when it is connected to a power cord
We have attention to this issue,2 reasons of this issue(the Iron sheets contact between radio and battery; Battery issue)
Firstly, You can change a new battery to try,make sure whether battery problem
Secondly,Try to toggle iron, to see whether this issue better,if yes,that means iron contact Not compact
All above reason,you can contact us directly

FM: 87-108MHz, 64-87MHz, 76-90MHz
MW:522-1710KHz (9K), 520-1710KHz (10K)
SW: 3.2-21.85MHz

Speaker D40mm
Weight 0.38lb

Package Includes
1 x World band radio
1 x lithium battery
1 x USB charging cable
1 x multi language instructions


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