TIVDIO/Retekess Portable Radio Brand Story
TIVDIO/Retekess is a radio manufacturer, who concentrate on product information technology products for the consumer and professional markets,so can make life more comfortable,happier.

Our goal is design suitable and affordable products for customer,make them enjoy their radio time with TIVDIO,Started in 2015,2018,For the brand to develop better,we changed the brand to Retekess,We have grown a lot and harvested a lot,However the goal is never been changed.today, we remain committed
to improvement
Our company name is Henan Eshow Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd.
Henan Eshow Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd is a rapid growing Chinese Corporation, which is always focused on R & D, produce, sale and after-sale of Portable Radios with AM FM SW LW band and FM Transmitter. We are always dedicated to offer the best radio products and service Of the people and the euro-market. Here we all hold a heart of gratitude to work for the best.
TIVDIO has a bigger family of around 150 staffs for now, and our offices locate in two cities.
The offices in Shenzhen is our product development and Logistics center, also our our customers reception center.
The offices in Zhengzhou is for marketing and as our customer service center.
Except that, we also set up US / DE / AU / GB / FR / ES / IT / RU / EE overseas warehouses, so the packages could be shipped within one business day from the local countries. Customers will have a speed and secure Shopping experience

Our official email address: support@tivdio.com
Please contact us with any questions.
TIVDIO/Retekess Official Service Center